Workforce Mobility Program Development

Workforce Mobility Program Development
Workforces are more mobile today than ever, and this trend is accelerating. Studying the concept is no longer necessary. Learning how it can be used within your organization is. ebusiness strategies is experienced in guiding organizations in designing, testing and implementing a Mobility program for their workforce. We also have extensive experience in designing and implementing the tools and mechanisms needed to deliver services to mobile employees, to workplaces that support mobile employees, and even to delivering services to employees who will never set foot within a corporate facility.

Work isn’t changing, it’s changed. Workplaces are half empty much of the time because most still fit the cubicle paradigm from 1968 – before desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, www, social media. Technology has made possible the mobile workplace and companies are beginning to use it because it’s the way employees work best.


Companies choose Mobility in order to:

Attract and retain the best talent

There’s a great deal of data to verify that having choices on how, when and where to work are significant attractors and decision criteria for top talent.

Cut carbon and greenhouse gas production

Mobility programs can reduce total square footage in a company’s real estate portfolio, cutting heating, lighting, cooling and construction impacts. Mobility programs also reduce carbon-producing travel.

Increase productivity

The ability to choose the right setting for the kind of work required decreases productivity-robbing interruptions. Reducing commute times enables employees to get more done. Mobility also leads to increased employee engagement and loyalty, factors that can increase productivity.

Reduce risk

Informal Mobility exposes company Intellectual Property and networks to loss and infiltration. Additionally, strong mobility programs are key to business continuity and disaster recovery.

Add flexibility to static portfolios

Breaking the one-seat per one-person model turns a static, rigid real estate portfolio into a flexible asset that is better able to accommodate growth, consolidations, mergers and rearrangement.

Reduce costs

Mobility programs create options to either reduce portfolio size or grow without adding square footage. No more wondering, ‘where is everybody’. They’re working, just somewhere else. And no more paying for unused space.


Why ebusiness strategies?

ebusiness strategies helps you construct a Mobility program that gets you to the benefits quickly. We audit conditions in your market sector, along with your work culture and practices. We draw upon our seasoned, adaptable, and proven methodology, our deep experience, and suitable technology to configure and implement a program that’s in step with your company culture. ebusiness strategies guides you through:

New work practices

We help you figure out which employees are eligible, what HR policies need to be in place, what worker/manager agreements need to be crafted, how you will measure the program, how to deploy an on-line training program, etc.

Workplace changes

Alterations to the workplace are often required but our strategy is to push those into later stages where they the capital expense may be offset by savings from the program. We team with expert design firms to deliver these workplace changes.

Technology planning

Strong, enabling technologies must be in place and supported for a Mobility program. We help build the policies and support structures and advise on standard software for remote meetings, video conferencing, office hoteling, collaboration, file sharing, etc. We also craft policies to protect intellectual property.

Change management

To ensure the program is adopted, we help employees and managers excel in the new working arrangement through a structured change management process that includes stakeholder engagement, the voice of the customer, a communication strategy, and surveys.

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