Technology Selection, Design & Implementation

Technology Selection, Design & Implementation
The reality is that there are no “bad” real estate or workplace management systems on the market today. Even so a significant number of technology implementations fail. Why this happens has more to do with how and under what criteria the solution was implemented than the technology itself. There are real differences in the strengths and capabilities of individual vendors to address your specific business needs. The key, however, is the design of your functional criteria. Our RFP Methodology helps you evaluate technology based upon those criteria.
Before you invest in technology for your CRE initiative, be sure to read our 5 Myths of Investing in Technology!

People sometimes blame their technology for not doing what they bought it for. More often than not, the problem lies in the criteria used for choosing it. As the saying goes, ‘There are no bad dogs, just badly trained owners.


In implementing new technology, CRE/WR leadership, IT, and procurement partners must:

Engage all stakeholders

Through their input, define what’s critical to your operations and the organization’s success; this allows you to develop clear business and technical requirements for selecting vendors.

Be realistic about what technology changes can and should accomplish

It isn’t possible, efficient, or effective to automate everything. Align your objectives with the business and technical requirements identified by your stakeholders.

Assemble a project management team

Equip the team with tracking and management tools to manage schedules, costs, issues, and risks.

Identify and document the appropriate technology solutions

With the proper level of details, your technical specifications will circumvent the possibility of misinterpretations and misunderstanding, simplifying downstream design, implementation, and testing efforts.

Circle back

Follow deployment by 1) rolling out the necessary level of people training and systems support and 2) rolling up anything associated with the legacy systems that are being retired.


Why ebusiness strategies?

ebusiness strategies helps define the business requirements for enabling technology within your organization, then guides you through the evaluation, selection, configuration, and implementation steps, quantifying data at every step. Our experience and product/system/vendor objectivity help you make the best decision for supporting your organization’s real estate and workplace management activities. Once a vendor is selected, we help translate the business requirements and standardized practices (processes) into clear functional requirements aligned with the capabilities of the selected vendor in order to provide you with a solution that enables your business to flourish. Ongoing services include change management, project management, data migration and integration design, user acceptance testing and training management – everything you need to assure the vendor delivers against their promise and in alignment with your specific needs.

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