Business Practice Optimization

ebusiness strategies helps you measure and control the adoption of a new program, focused on driving buy-in to the roadmap activities – staying on track so that everyone arrives together. We help you integrate change management into your project, making sure the transition is efficient and effective.

Though initial adoption and alignment are critical for a program’s success, it doesn’t end there. Flexibility and adaptability in the services you offer and the assets you manage are critical. Well-defined strategies and the supporting roadmap become stale and out-dated quickly in today’s dynamic world. ebusiness strategies brings unique experiences and expertise to help our clients reassess and realign their direction, ensuring over time that the organization remains optimized and working within the parameters it originally established.

Our services enable regular and discrete adaptations and adjustments, keeping your strategy and solutions relevant over the long haul. This approach helps you to avoid the massive disruptions and significant costs associated with discontinuous events. We have developed specific assessment and monitoring methodologies that enable us to help you adjust to a shifting business environment, disruptive technological developments, new customer requirements, human resource trends and other critical change events.

Our Business Practice Optimization services include:

Strategic Visioning
To bring about organizational change or to implement technology innovation, it’s necessary to bring an organization’s unique needs out into the open and identify the precise level of transformation needed.
Workforce Mobility Program Development
Organizations have begun moving– some faster than others – from a manufacturing-based, linear, centralized mindset to one that leverages time and technology to benefit business, the environment, and employees through workplace mobility.
Process Redesign, Standardization and Best Practices
All work is done using processes. They can be informal, rigid, long-standing, SLA- or contract-driven, but they are always there. Standardizing and aligning them is essential to an organization’s operational success.
Organizational Design
An organization using a 21st-century business model looks significantly different from one that doesn’t. So does its structure and talent. Getting there requires designing the organization.
Operational Design
Word of mouth doesn’t work when more than two people are involved, especially in a large organization with its eye on the future. It takes a vision, a plan to get there, along with standardized processes – and fine-tuned operational policies and procedures to support them.
Transformation/Change Management
Any organizational transformation or technology implementation is complex and best put into practice with a systematic and proactive approach that deals with the inevitable change felt by organizations and individuals alike.
Technology Selection, Design & Implementation
Once you have your organizational structure and processes in place, your next goal is to support them with the appropriate technology solution.
You want to know how good your processes are compared to the best industry standards. This way you know how competitive your organization is and what its prospects of success are.

ebusiness strategies advises and offers guidance as you incrementally adapt your strategy and services model by:

  • Monitoring industry trends and benchmark triggers.
  • Assessing where your previously implemented solutions can be modified to better address changes with your customer base, market segments and management expectations.
  • Continuing the socialization and operationalization of the strategic vision.

We deliver:

  • Insight into external signals that may be forerunners of significant internal change.
  • Review of deployed solutions over time to identify opportunities for greater efficiency, optimization or standardization.
  • Systematic monitoring and proven mechanisms for evaluating and acting on potential course corrections.
  • Most importantly, a trusted advisor to help filter the noise and focus on optimal execution of your business.

Case Studies:

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