Talk to your CIO about CRE Technology Strategy
March 11, 2015
Richard Jordan's picture
Richard Jordan
I often hear from CRE executives that they don’t have a strong tie to the CIO and the internal IT organization. I find this recurring situation baffling considering CRE accounts for the second largest item on the balance sheet.This is one item that cannot be impacted quickly without significant negative repercussions to the overall real estate portfolio and without causing major disruption to the strategy for managing the portfolio. Portfolio strategy that’s practiced today relies on a set of assumptions about the business that while they are informed and important, they cannot...
Bridging the Gap Between Goals and Technology
February 24, 2015
Susan Spiers's picture
Susan Spiers
CEO and President Phil Wales was interviewed by CEOCFO Magazine about EBUSINESS STRATEGIES regarding what we do, why we do it and how our clients benefit from our consulting. Phil is being interviewed frequently of late; next to human resources – the second largest expense for any large, Fortune 100-size company is its real estate. Our expertise is centered in helping Corporate Real Estate departments of large companies manage their real estate more efficiently, more cost effectively, and more sustainably. Although our work product goals require specific areas of expertise and...
You can’t spell STRATEGIC without IT
December 16, 2014
Steven McKissick's picture
Steven McKissick
I have done some recent blogs on CRE Strategy, particularly the importance and value of a well-defined strategy aligning a CRE organization to the overall corporate strategy. One of the critical aspects of that strategy is the Information Technology (IT) factor. Understanding, aligning, and inevitably leveraging the corporate IT strategy is key for CRE organizations going forward. Normally, we work with clients who are using a technology solution or number of solutions that were originally implemented to address a specific tactical need with little or no focus on data management, integration...
Tuning Real Estate to Business Needs
November 18, 2014
Phil Wales's picture
Phil Wales
In a recent survey conducted by CFO Research entitled Working Smart: Value Management for Corporate Real Estate, 150 senior finance executives from major global corporations were asked about the role of real estate in the success of their corporate missions. Today, I want to focus on four of the salient observations that have a direct bearing on the success of our clients both in the services they offer and in the technology they deploy. OBSERVATION #1 REPORT FINDING: In the past, real estate has been treated almost as an afterthought in a company’s business planning. Today CRE...
Game Plan
October 16, 2014
John Schaffer's picture
John Schaffer
The World Series is just around the corner, and my home town is quite excited about our Royals and the possibly of bringing the crown back to Kansas City. I’ve been a Royals fan for many years, and every year seems the same. We start out the season looking decent and then taper off about mid-season to the point of giving us no chance of success. Twenty-nine years is a long playoff drought, so we’re excited to see them going to the World Series and finally seeing success that this city has longed for. How did they do it? There are likely a number of things, but after years of...
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