Site Selection Strategy & How We Work
May 27, 2015
Richard Jordan's picture
Richard Jordan
I recently wrote an article for Business Xpansion Journal that discussed how changes in how we work impact site selection for expansion or relocation.  I touched upon the concept that work is no longer linear and how this phenomena is impacting location decisions.  However, I didn’t have the space to delve into the subject. The shift in how work flows is indeed behind many of the changes in site selection, but you will see that now it has a deeper, broader impact on companies as a whole. The site selection process continues to be more requirements driven and as you read...
The 3 E's
April 29, 2015
Phil Wales's picture
Phil Wales
EBUSINESS STRATEGIES has a tagline that includes three E’s that define our service offerings: Envision – We help our clients visualize and articulate their future Enable – We guide our clients to a standardized and optimized operational practice with enabling solutions Evolve – We then help them transform their current state into the desired future state organization I have written about these three E’s in a previous blog, so now I want to focus on another set of E’s which drive our delivery of high quality service: Expertise Experience...
Change, Easier Said than Done
April 07, 2015
Steven McKissick's picture
Steven McKissick
A Couple official definitions of “Change Management” are: The management of change and development within a business or similar organization The controlled identification and implementation of required changes (can include a technology solution) I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of change management. At one point, as a project manager, I was against everything that had to do with managing change. It only took one large-scale global project to see the error of my ways. Even today, I am still surprised by the resistance and challenges of managing change....
March 24, 2015
Anthony Brown's picture
Anthony Brown
So, why is there so much focus on goals and goal setting? All organizations make them to inspire improvement in performance. Goals take on varying levels of overall significance depending on which level they are made within the organizational hierarchy. Sometimes there is a single goal, while other times there are many. Goals are important for challenging the status quo and its effect in our lives, but I’ve also come to realize that the process used for goal setting and achievement can yield just as many obstacles and even backsliding as it can help to make progress. This is my...
Change...Not for the Faint of Heart
March 17, 2015
Alecia Chandler's picture
Alecia Chandler
Have you ever been involved in a project without a change management component? In managing process and technology projects for corporate real estate, it is apparent to me how important an intentional and strategic change management component is to a project’s success. I continue to remind myself that change management applies to any undertaking. In my last blog, I mentioned a large home project that my husband and I were about to embark on. Initially, we started tackling some small projects on our own – including moving a light switch in the bathroom. Sounds minor, but moving a...
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