Why do CRE Leaders Choose to use IWMS?
August 12, 2015
Susan Spiers's picture
Susan Spiers
Our client’s businesses are evolving every day – and that change and evolution makes our jobs at EBIZ so interesting, challenging, and rewarding. So, what do we do?  Technically, EBIZ helps our clients plan for and implement enterprise-level technology solutions within corporate real estate. At least that is the tactical reality of our business.  What we really do is help clients, who rely on assets to perform their core business, do so MORE strategically, efficiently and effectively. Increasingly, our conversations now focus on business outcomes as our consultants help...
How Mature is your Technology?
July 31, 2015
Richard Jordan's picture
Richard Jordan
One of the most thought provoking tasks I execute for clients is determining how mature the technology they have deployed is. I understand that sentence is grammatically incorrect; it is intentional. That is how it is most often phrased by clients. When you see the question ‘How mature is your technology?’ you immediately understand there is something missing; matured compared to what standard. In order to understand where your technology lies on the maturity continuum, you need to have something to compare it against. When clients are asked the question their immediate response...
Operational Excellence
June 25, 2015
Phil Wales's picture
Phil Wales
It is my great fortune to work with the absolute best team in the industry. EBUSINESS STRATEGIES helps corporate real estate and facilities clients planfor andimplemententerprise-leveltechnical andbusiness solutions.  The EBIZ team has built an international reputation for providing exceptional service to our clients.  We often hear from clients, “we know you can solve the problem where others have failed.” This year the EBIZ team has stepped up to a challenge and placed heavy emphasis on Operational Excellence, which includes customer satisfaction, as one of our Wildly...
June 16, 2015
Anthony Brown's picture
Anthony Brown
Imagine for a moment that your real estate organization has set a goal and it’s to be achieved in a specific timeframe. If the organization waits to measure goal achievement at the deadline, it may be setting itself up for the possibility of reaching the deadline without accomplishing the goal. In this second part of my 4-part series on goal achievement, I want to highlight the importance of acting on tasks, so organizations have a positive impact on goal achievement. ACT If assessing the goal is simply determining whether or not the organization has achieved its goal, the result...
Tomayto or Tomahto?
June 09, 2015
Samuel Townsel's picture
Samuel Townsel
The Importance of a Data Dictionary for Corporate Real Estate When a corporate real estate organization decides to start the process of selecting a method of gathering and accessing real estate data, significant attention is paid to what type of software can best suit their needs.  For the more sophisticated organizations, more attention is paid towards standardizing business processes and aligning those processes to a software platform that can enable those processes.  What is often not considered is how, and more importantly, what goes into a system that an organization will...
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